Lance Jackson’s original plein-air paintings are small in size. They average approximately four inches by four inches or slightly larger. Their minimal size is due to their purpose-to record his immediate, and very personal interpretations on his travels. Lance then relies upon his original plein-air work to inspire his final iteration, a larger canvas that continues his visual interpretation of the unique setting he experienced. His final, enlarged canvas captures the spirit of the original plein-air work with even more intensity of color, texture and size. The final canvas is not a photographic or digital reproduction of any kind. It is an original, one-of-kind painting that completes his vision. Upon selection of a plein-air painting, collectors can determine the size of the final work.

Red Barn - Plein-Air


Lance Jackson views the natural world as much more than what can be seen. His abstract landscapes are intended to connect the viewer to the emotional dimension of the natural forms that inspire his work. His landscape work showcases a place and the viewer soon finds themselves in an environment that is finally shaped by their emotional response.

Urban Terrain - Landscape


Beginning with a fresh canvas, Lance Jackson seeks that rare momentum that others refer to as the zone. Iteratively and continually evolving, he allows paint, colors, textures and forms to take control. He willingly allows his artistic talents to take a backseat to the force that seemingly takes control of his paintbrush and pallet knife. That force is beyond literal definition and therefore the result is beyond expectation.

Blue Page - Conceptual